EP 46 – Charlottesville

Charlottesville – there are so many things to discuss about this and we have a few special guests to talk about what went down, what went wrong/right, and what should happen next? How do we de-escalate the confrontation? Is this media hype or a real issue in America? Check out this episode!

EP 45 – Getting Fundy with Tunes

This episode Ken and Dave recall their lives in the fundy world and how it affected their tastes in music. They go through their fav artists, genres, and some strange favs that might not make sense without a little exposition. Check out this episode!

EP 44 – Multi-Level Mania

Hey, would you like to get in on the ground floor of a multi-level marketing business opportunity? Yeah, me neither. Ken is flying solo in this episode as he rants about those pesky MLM schemes. Check out this episode!

EP 43 – May the Fourth Be With You

Ken and Dave talk all about Star Wars on this memorable episode with rain and tarps and inch worms! We discuss: How music impacts movies CGI – original trilogy vs episodes 1-3 Star Wars facts/trivia The Last Jedi – rumors and much more! Check out this episode!

EP 42 – Dr. Willie Parker: Does Scripture Support Abortion?

Tonight we have 2 special guests – Dr Parker via his youtube sermon link which can be found here, and Matt! We discuss the reasoning behind Dr Parker’s concept of “Christian” abortion.   The article that Dr Moore posted on Dr Parker and his ministry can be found here:¬†http://www.russellmoore.com/2017/04/10/who-would-jesus-abort/ Check out this episode!

EP 40 – Black Lives Matter with Andres

This episode we dive into the BLM movement with what the news is presenting and what the website tells us the movement is. Do they contradict each other? How can the BLM goals be met? Check out this episode!

EP 39 – VIdeo Games and stuff

This episode Ken and Dave talk about video game genre and top games per genre, things we love about games and things we hate, console vs PC, and why Halo is always the best. GG NOOBS. Check out this episode!

EP 38 – Computer Tips from Nerds

This is a must listen to! If you have issues with your computer and you want to glean from the wise and wonderful computer nerds who understand the in’s and out’s of computer issues, check this episode out! Check out this episode!